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Stone Mushrooms

The "Stone Mushrooms" are interesting, strange formations of riolythic tuffs in various shapes on the area of 30 decares. Their forms resemble the forms of mushrooms. The various colours - pink, yellow, rusty-red etc. are result of the manganic, ferrous and other metallic acids.

The Gorge of the Buynovska River

The gorge is located on both sides of the Buynovska River, a tributary of the Vacha River. Soon after the deviation at the village of Teshel, the rocks narrow over the river, forming an impressive gorge. The turbulent mountain waters have cut their way through the limestone rocks creating a natural site of unique beauty in the Rhodopes. The sheer cliffs come so close together that it seems easy to jump from one to another. The spot where rocks almost meet has been called by local people "the Wolf's Jump".

The Yagodinska Cave

The Yagodinska Cave is the ''pearl in the crown'' of the Rhodope Mountains. It is 10 km long, and 5 stories tall, with many labyrinths and abysses inside. Visitors enter the cave through an artificially dug opening, while the natural entrance is 30 m above. A special path through the cave offers the opportunity to see the wonderful underground world formed in the course of millions of years. Electric lights make the mysterious formations: draperies, pipe-like stalactites, cave pearls, ''leopard's skin'' and hanging stalactone visible along with many others. The upper floor was well-known to ancient Eneolithic inhabitants.

The Trigrad Gorge

This impressive gorge, with its 250m high walls, is one of the largest and most attractive karst formations in Bulgaria and serves as an inviting attraction for rock climbers. This region is home to more than 150 caves. The most famous of which is the precipitous Devil's Throat Cave.

The Devil's Throat

One of the phenomena in the Trigrad Gorge is the Dyavolskoto Garlo abyss cave, formed as a result of the collapse of earth layers. Along an artificially dug tunnel (150 m), you can reach the impressive cave hall. A winding steep cement staircase leads from the hall to the natural entrance of the cave. While climbing, the visitor can see one of the highest underground waterfalls in Europe (42 m).

The Wonderful Bridges

The unique rock formation, covering an area of 40,3 hectares, can be found along the course of the Aydarsko Dere River. The bridges are most probably the result of an ancient cave collapsing in an earthquake. The river has carried away most of the smaller rock debris. In time, atmospheric processes have shaped the two natural marble bridges of extraordinary beauty. The bigger bridge is 12-15m in width and 96m in length, with an opening 45m deep and 43m wide. About 200 m down the ravine, there is the second bridge, which is 60 m long. At an average of 1450 m above sea level, the site is easily accessible all year round.

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